Exterior Painting

The exterior look and style of your home gives a first impression in terms of value, aesthetics and style, but there are more reasons than just the cosmetic ones as to why you should invest in home exterior painting services and using professional house painters is going to give the best possible results.

As one of the finest Northwest Indiana exterior house painters, Alco Exteriors is well placed to give the lowdown on the benefits of having your home's exterior painted.

The Benefits Of Exterior Painting

There are so many benefits to updating the exterior paint work of your home and here are just a few of the reasons why you should consider taking action as soon as possible.

It Improves The Curb Appeal Of Your Home

When you paint the outside of your home to a good standard it can massively improve the look of your house from the outside. If you are looking to move house it will attract more viewings and if you are staying put then it will make you feel better every time you pull up on the driveway – your neighbors will thank you for it too.

It Extends The Lifetime of Your Siding

The average lifespan of your vinyl siding is expected to be around 50 years, however every day wear and bad weather can cut down this lifespan. Painting your siding will not only improve the look of it but will also help to protect your vinyl siding and ensure it lasts as long as it should.

It Increases The Value Of Your Home

Ultimately, any improvement to the look of a house is going to have a positive impact on the value. It will attract more viewings and in turn increase the demand for your property which will drive up the price. Your buyer gets a lovely looking exterior and you get more money in your pocket.

It Prevents Mold And Mildew

One of the biggest concerns for homeowners is the structural security of the house. Mold and mildew are one of the biggest factors that can impact negatively on the structural integrity of your home. By using a high quality paint by one of our house exterior painters you can help to treat the wood on your home exterior and protect yourself from the worry of the damage that can be caused by mold and mildew.

It Protects Against Extreme Weather

Extreme weather such as harsh winters and hot summers can wreak havoc with the exterior of your home. A good paint job will help to protect from the abrasion associated with these weather types.

It Helps Prevent Damage From Pests

Pests such as wood eating termites can cause all sorts of problems with your home exterior. By ensuring that your paintwork is in tip-top condition you are helping to keep these pests at bay.

So you can see, by keeping up appearances with the outside of your home you will not only enjoy the aesthetics a whole lot more, but in the long term you are going to be putting more money in your pocket.

Alco Exteriors is proud provide exterior painting services for customers in the Northwest Indiana counties of Porter County, Lake County and LaPorte County, including Crown Point, Hobart, Cedar Lake, Dyer, Highland, Merrillville, Schererville, Portage, Valparaiso, Chesterton, LaPorte and Michigan City.