Window replacement is one of the easiest home improvement projects you can invest in that provides a great financial return. Whether you are looking for reputable premium brands of windows such as Atrium, Quaker Windows, SilverLine by Anderson, Simonton, Marvin or perhaps something more bespoke, Alco Exteriors offers most major brands of windows to fit your aesthetic needs as well as the needs of your budget.

If you are based in the Lake, LaPorte or Porter counties of Indiana then you can benefit from Alco Exterior’s expert window installation across the Northwest Indiana, providing window installation in Crown Point, Hobart, Cedar Lake, Merrillville, Schererville, Portage, Valparaiso, Chesterton, Michigan City, Dyer and Highland. If you need windows in Lake, LaPorte, or Porter counties then the number one name is Alco Exteriors.

Your new replacement windows will combine style, performance, and thermal efficiency while staying within your replacement window budget and although you will have to lay out an initial cost, there will be a significant saving over the lifespan of your new windows

The top and bottom sashes of the double-hung vinyl windows tilt in for easy cleaning. Soap and water is all you need to keep these windows clean for their lifetime so the maintenance costs are relatively low and it is a job that can easily be completed by the homeowner if you so wish.

At Alco Exteriors we offer the best quality windows for the most competitive prices and as Lake, LaPorte and Porter county’s premier window specialists we also pride ourselves in providing the best window installation. Although our prices offer excellent value, there is of course still an initial cost to be met – but remember -the cost of your new replacement windows will be offset by your utility savings over time and that can be quite considerable.

A study by the Rocky Mountain Institute found that the heating cost with a single-pane window is $356. Using double-pane windows reduces the heating cost to $178 so the product that you choose is key to reducing your energy costs and our expert Alco Exterior window installers and specialists will guide you through the entire process if you so desire.

Other studies by various window manufacturers show that energy efficient replacement windows can save one-fourth to one-half of the energy to heat and cool a home. An easy way to check to see if you could benefit from newer, more energy efficient windows is to do a simple draft test near the window. If you feel a draft near to the window when you stand next to it then you could save a small fortune in your utility expenses over a 12 month period. Multiply this by perhaps 5 or 10 years and your new windows will easily pay for themselves.

It is not only the energy saving benefits of installing new windows that make financial sense, but also the aesthetic impact. Having more visually appealing windows can help you claim back up to 80% of the cost of new windows according to the Remodelling Impact Report – this can be around $12,000 on average.

If you think of the windows of your home like the accessories you might wear. You can make or break an outfit with the right choice and style of accessories and the same is true of the windows in your home. Not only will you recoup much of the financial outlay, you will have the look you want for your home and have day after day of pleasure from the windows designed in the style that you chose.

Coupled with the increase in property value provided by replacement windows, it's no wonder why installing energy efficient windows is one of the most sought-after home improvement projects. If you have not upgraded your windows by a recognised window installer in the last 10-20 years then the chances are that you could make your home more energy efficient by upgrading to one of the many brands provided by Alco Exteriors, not to mention the visual improvement that your house will gain when you choose Northwest Indiana based Alco Exteriors window installers to fit your brand new, energy saving windows.

Brands We Install

Alco Exteriors is proud to install windows for customers in the Northwest Indiana counties of Porter County, Lake County and LaPorte County, including Crown Point, Hobart, Cedar Lake, Dyer, Highland, Merrillville, Schererville, Portage, Valparaiso, Chesterton, LaPorte and Michigan City.